LMYA continues to grow! We need talented and dedicated people like you. Please consider volunteering!  LMYA is in need of a Softball Coordinator, Soccer Coordinator and Ad Hoc Volunteer Committee members .  Below please find descriptions for these volunteer opportunities, but there are additional openings as well. If you are interested in a position, please send a statement of your interest and background via email to volunteer@lmya.org . Thank you for your support of LMYA!

  • Point of contact:  Lindsay Taylor(lindsay_taylor@lmya.org)
  • Work with and coordinate the efforts of an established and committed team of volunteers.
  • Coordinate and oversee efficient operation of softball program.
  • Recruit coaches and volunteers to meet the needs of the program.
  • Organize the purchase, issuance, maintenance and storage of uniforms, seasonal equipment and capital equipment.
  • Direct volunteers to schedule and maintain fields.
  • Establish and manage annual budget and fund raising efforts.
  • Assist in player recruitment, registration process, and public relations with appropriate leagues, other softball related organizations.
  • Ensure information on Softball web page is up to date.
  • Estimated time commitment is 30 - 40 hours per month prior to the spring or fall season and 25 – 35 during the season.
Due to the substantial growth in the organization over the last few years, the LMYA Board of Directors will be creating ad hoc committees to work outside the monthly board meetings. Typically, the chair of each committee wil be a board member and therefore, serve as the liaison between the board and the committee. Listed below are the committees that are in need of volunteers. A description of each committee's purpose is also listed. In addition to the list below, there is a Website Committee, a Strategic Planning Committee, and a Finance Committee that do not "need" new members at this time.

Volunteer Ad Hoc Committee
  • Work with the sport coordinators and Board of Directors to develop a volunteer recruitment, retention and recognition program.
  • Needs at least three members.
  • Seek out appropriate grant agencies/foundations and submit grant applications
  • Seek out sponsors (uniforms, fields, website, etc.)
  • Needs at least three members 
Policy and Governance
  • Review current policies searching for outdated, unnecessary, and insufficient language or requirements
  • Develop/alter bylaws or policy at board's request
  • Present new board members with set of policies in digital form
  • Maintain bylaws and all policies online (website and/or box.net)
  • Needs at least two members
  • Develop plan to include, but not limited to, advertising of registration dates and a quarterly newsletter
  • Advertise registration open and close dates for the three seasons
  • Prepare and distribute quarterly newsletter highlighting important events/milestones, accomplishments of youth, significant board news, opportunities to serve, etc.
  • Needs at least three members