LMYA Volleyball
Tonight's LMYA Board of Directors meeting is cancelled.

Player Participation / Levels

  • Juniors - Primary focus is having fun while introducing the basic fundamentals of the game, competition and teamwork. Skill development includes familiarizing the player with the fundamental aspects of the game and strategy. Players in grades 4 through 7, boys and girls combined. 
  • Seniors - Same as Juniors, just a higher level of competitive volleyball. Players in grades 8 through 12, boys and girls combined.  If there are enough boys to form several teams, then we will offer a separate Boys division as an alternative.  

Rules of Play

           GIRLS AND BOYS IN
         GRADES 4 THRU 7
  1. United States Volleyball Association (USVBA) rules apply except as modified below.
  2. A match consists of 3 games.  In both Divisions, the game will be scored 25 using the rally point system.  The first team to reach the point level or beyond with a 2-point lead wins the game.
  3. Team Size:  Teams will play with 6 players on the court with 3 players in the front row and 3 players in the back row.  A minimum of 5 players is needed on the court at all times; however, a minimum of 4 players can be used in the Senior division, but it must be a mutual agreement between coaches before the match.
  4. ROTATING:  To ensure equal playing time, as much as possible, the following rules apply: All players must play in the game, however, there can only be six players on the floor.  You must rotate the other players in the game by rotating them in the serve position and the players leaving the floor leave the game from the front right position.  This must be done even on the first serve of each game.
  5. SERVING:  Players at the Junior level will be encouraged to serve where they are comfortable and Coaches are encouraged to adjust this as players become more skilled.  Seniors will follow the rules of the sport.  In addition at the Junior level, a player will only be allowed to serve five consecutive points. 
  6. SEASON FORMAT:  The season begins after Labor Day and continues until the early part of November.  The first two weeks of the season are reserved for practices.  The next two weeks will have one practice scheduled.  The other scheduled time that week will be a practice/match mix.  The rest of the season will be scheduled with a practice/match mix.  One players clinic will also be hosted by the Muhlenberg College Girls Team. 
  7. SCHEDULES:  Please contact the opposing coach if you are unable to attend a match.
  8. REFEREES:  All games will be refereed by the Coaches.  Focus is on skills and proper match play.  Good sportsmanship is a must and matches will reflect this.  
  1. A coin toss will be used to determine serve and side.  The team, which wins the coin toss will choose to serve or a side of the court.  If the first 2 games are split, then another coin toss will be used for game 3.
  2. In both  divisions, the games will be scored using rally points.  This is when a team can score a point on a side-out as well as a serve.
  3. A team may not contact the ball more than 3 times without returning it over the net.  Failure to do so results in a point or side-out.  Please note that a block does not count as a touch, so 3 contacts are still allowed after a block.
  4. A player is not allowed to contact the net at any time while the ball is in play, incidental contact is up to the discretion of the referee.  Touching the net results in a point or side-out.
  5. A player is not allowed to step fully onto the opponent's side of the court while the ball is in play.  A player may step onto the opponent's side of the court after the play is over.  Violation results in a point or side-out.
  6. A player may not contact the ball twice in a row unless the first touch is a block.
  7. The ball may be played off of the net as long as the player does not contact the net.
  8. Play ends when the ball touches the floor.
  9. CARRYING:  In volleyball, the ball is not allowed to come to rest on a players hands, however, recognizing that individual skills may not be proficient at this level, the carry rules will be enforced as follows:
    1. The ball may not be struck underhand with the hands open, referees will provide some discretion during play.  Please make sure that all players, coaches and parents understand this rule.
  10. OBSTRUCTION:  The ball may be played off of the ceilings but a REDO is called for all hanging obstructions.  This rule is strictly under the discretion of the referee as to what is the ceiling, and it is impossible to cover every situation, however, the intent is to neither aid nor penalize a team affected by hanging objects.  If the ball contacts the ceiling on your side and remains on your side it is still playable but if the ball contacts the ceiling and lands on the other side the play is over and it's a side-out.  If the ball contacts the ceiling on a serve it is a side-out.
PLEASE NOTE:  The Lower Macungie Community Center does not allow drinks of any kind to be brought into the gym area by PLAYERS/COACHES or PARENTS.