LMYA Softball
Tonight's LMYA Board of Directors meeting is cancelled.


Most LMYA teams participate as a member in a league which 

exists outside of Lower Macungie Youth Association.  This league, 

with LMYA getting one vote, determines the nights of the games,

the rules of the games and the age qualifications.  Participation is

currently based on how old a girl is as of January 1st (for example: 

'a player must turn X by 1/1 and cannot be X by 1/1'.)  LMYA

participates in the Parkland Softball League and the Lehigh Valley

Girls Travel League.  All of these leagues are capable of changing 

any and all of the below information at any time.

Fall Intramural Programs

All players who will be moving up to the next age group in the upcoming spring season, will be moved up to that higher age group during the fall season for learning the new rules, base and pitching paths and practice for the upcoming spring (No exceptions.)

YOUR PLACEMENT IN THE FALL DOES NOT DICTATE YOUR PLACEMENT IN THE SPRING.  Due to team viability issues: if any player is allowed to play up, whether in the fall or spring season, if the player is age eligible the next season for the lower age bracket-they will be assigned the lower age bracket (no exceptions, no 'grandfathering' them to the higher age bracket)


Spring Intramural Program

All players are expected to try-out for travel teams when desiring to play up for reasons including, but not limited to, needing a challenge, to play competitively, or if they believe they're too good to play at age level.  The noted exceptions will be considered and decided upon by the coordinator.  Players MAY NOT play up or down for 'wanting to play with their friends' or because they prefer a specific coach at any intramural level.

Travel Program

Lower Macungie's Travel program is now year-round.  Try-outs are held in August.  Teams participate in leagues, tournaments, and winter workouts.  


U10       - Players trying out for this team must be 8 yrs old on or before January 1st AND cannot be
                11 yrs old on or before January 1st
                Spring & Fall seasons partake in the Lehigh Valley Travel League
                Practices are 2-3 days a week until games start
                Winter pitching and catching sessions are offered 
                Team can partake in up to 2 tournaments  
                Accepted registrants:  players who reside in the East Penn School District AND neighboring
                Try outs are held at the same time as the U10 skills day (players are offered spots on the
                team-they can accept or decline)

U12       -Players trying out for this team are usually 11 yrs old on or before January 1st AND cannot 
               be 13 yrs old on or before January 1st
               Spring and Fall seasons partake in the Lehigh Valley Travel League
               Practices are 2-3 days a week until games start
               Winter pitching and catching sessions are offered
               Team can partake in up to 3-4 tournaments
               Accepted registrants:  players who reside in the East Penn School District AND neighboring
               Try outs are held at the same time as the U12 skills day (players are offered spots on the
                team-they can accept or decline)

U14       -Players trying out for this team are usually 13 yrs old on or before January 1st AND cannot
             old on or before January 1st 
               Fall season has the option of partaking in the Lehigh Valley League or tournaments
               Practices are 2-3 days a week until games start
               Winter pitching and catching sessions are offered (used as try out for pitchers & catchers)
               Teams can partake in up to 6 tournaments
               Accepted registrants:  players who reside in the East Penn School District AND neighboring
               Try outs will be held in early March at the Wescosville field

U16       - Players trying out for this team are usually 15 yrs old on or before January 1st AND
                cannot be 17 yrs  old on or before January 1st
                Spring season partakes in the Lehigh Valley Travel League
                Fall season has the option of partaking in the Lehigh Valley League or tournaments
                Practices are 2-3 days a week until games start
                Winter pitching and catching sessions are offered (used as try out for pitchers & catchers)
                Teams can partake in up to 6 tournaments
                Accepted registrants:  players who reside in the East Penn School District AND
                neighboring districts
                Try outs will be held in early March at the Wescosville field

U18       -Offer of this age group will be based on current registration numbers


  • Playing up policy :  any player who registers with LMYA travel may elect to participate in another age division's try-out (older) to see if they are offered a spot on the team (they must register at their own age division and then contact Mr. Palazzo notifying him that the player would like to try-out for another age level.)   If not offered a spot, their name goes to the age appropriate level and they wait to see if they are offered a spot on that team.  If not offered a spot on their age appropriate team, they have the following options:  refund or elect to play on an intramural team. 
  • Residency Restrictions:  There are none.  LMYA softball has opened registration and try-outs for all age groups (U10, U12, U14, U16, and U18) to those players who reside outside of East Penn School District and would like to play on an LMYA travel team.  Per LMYA policy, teams are allowed to offer spots to players outside of the East Penn School District area encompassing up to 25% of the team UNLESS there is a viability issue and we cannot field a team without these outside players then it could be more players.  If there is a viability issue, teams can hold more than 25% of players outside of East Penn residency. 
  • LMYA travel will not offer a spot on any travel team (excluding U10s) for players who also play on any other softball tournament teams.  The reason for this is as follows:  our travel teams also engage in tournaments and we expect all of our roster to commit 100% to all of our endeavors.  The reason U10 is an exception is because we attend only two tournaments in spring and we would be able to overlook this policy for ONLY this age group. 
  • Releases must be obtained for those leaving LMYA travel and for those incoming to the LMYA travel program from outside organizations. (this only applies if their organization is offering a travel program at their age level.)
  • Travel demands a higher level of commitment from its players but we acknowledge that, per LMYA policy, Softball is a primary sport in spring AND a secondary sport in the fall.  As long as schedules are exchanged ahead of time and before the season begins- travel should not interfere with other endeavors.  Communication between coaches and parents is a must.  Following LMYA policy, we expect softball games to be a priority in the spring while we honor other sports' games as a priority in the fall (regarding attendance at  practices.)  All players are expected to participate in tournaments apart from the regular season.                                            

Travel or Intramural?

Lower Macungie Travel teams have participated in the Lehigh Valley Travel League for almost two decades and have developed a reputation as an established and experienced organization.  The majority of our travel coaches are highly qualified with over twenty years of coaching experience including travel and tournament coaching specifically.  Most of our travel players move on to play softball at the high school level and some at the college level.

We offer something very unique to your player - the opportunity to play in travel league games and to play in tournaments.  We are not aware of any other youth organization who offers this.  We are not solely a travel team and not soley a tournament team - but a hybrid of them both.  Our teams play in the fall and spring local travel league games and then spend our summer in tournaments. 

The primary focus is to establish a playing field for those players interested in playing at a higher level.  Games are playing in the Lehigh Valley Girls Travel League and in local, state and national tournaments.  We will seek to have teams at every age level: U10, U12, U14 and U18.  We will have tryouts every spring and coaches have the option of fall tryouts depending on registration numbers.  Winter workouts are provided for pitchers and catchers.  Some teams conduct hitting workouts at the parent's expense in addition during the winter months. 

Residency restrictions:  The LV Travel League does not have residency restrictions for travel ball therefore LMYA will follow this policy.  It states that the following players may try out and be registered for teams:  any child residing in East Penn School District, any child residing in Lower Macungie Township, and any child with residency outside of the boundaries of the East Penn School District.  *Each team cannot constitute more than 25% of the roster with out of district players UNLESS there is an issue of validity. 

Travel vs. Intramural: 
How do you decide whether your daughter should play intramural or travel?

Let me begin by giving you some false statements about travel and then 
explain how it is false. Maybe you've heard some of these?

1.  Travel teams 'travel' or have to drive a much further distance than intramural.
     I don't want to drive all over.
     The truth is, all teams, except in-house pixies and little pixies, must travel outside of the
      East Penn School District area.  Travel teams do involve some extra travel to the
      tournaments but are communicated months ahead of time with parents.

2.  Travel teams have too many practices and the commitment is too high.  
   There is an expectation of a higher commitment level for those who play on travel teams.  
     Most travel teams, however, practice one more day a week than most of the intramural teams
     (2 to 3 days a week.)  Once games begin, practices are limited and games should be the focus.
     We  expect our players to be committed to their team as well as our coaches.  LMYA expects
     all travel coaches to commit year round and we expect no less from the players.  Reminder:  
     softball is a primary sport in the spring and a secondary sport in the fall.  

3.  I'd rather have my daughter play competitively so I just want her to play up instead 
     of going out for travel.
 Playing up in intramural is not playing competitively.  Intramural is not competitive in any
     fashion - it's purpose is to teach fundamental aspects of the game allowing for a fun time.
     If you are seeking a more competitive environment, travel is where your daughter should be
     playing.  In addition, at travel, the level of play is higher as well as the competition.

4.  I want to continue coaching my daughter.  If my daughter goes to travel, I won't 
    be her coach anymore.
  The truth is, assistant coaches are always needed and wanted with most teams and your help
     will always be appreciated if the offer is made.  If your daughter makes the travel team it does
     not mean that you will not be allowed to help out her team.  Your coaches will reach out to you 
     and your help will be appreciated if there is a need; however, I recommend that you offer your
     help to the coach after you are contacted that your daughter is being offered a spot on the
     LMYA's philosophy is to place each player at the level of participation that best fits their ability - 
     for some this means travel.  Please do not hold your child back simply because you wish to 
     continue being her head coach.  Most of our travel coaches have certifications outside of LMYA 
     and have over 10 or more years of coaching at the travel or tournament level. 

5.  My daughter is bored at her age level and I'd like to move her up to the higher age 
The truth is, softball is not necessarily a fast-paced sport.  At the younger age levels, pitching 
     and hitting can be difficult and seem to take very long causing boredom in some players.  We
     are always looking at suggestions to allow the game to progress more efficiently - please offer
     yours. LMYA does not move players up to the next higher age bracket due to boredom. 
     Truth is, if your daughter is bored there is a chance she does not like the sport.  Only sign your
     children up for a sport if they are interested in it and like it.  If this is not the case -
     your daughter may need to play at the travel level if they are bored at the intramural level. 

6.  My daughter wants to play/is playing school ball but she wants to play with her
    friends in intramural instead of playing at the travel level.
  The truth is, intramural does not offer the level of play and competition for any player who 
     engages in/wishes to continue engaging in school ball and/or is looking into playing softball in 
     college.  We will never force a player to choose intramural versus travel if  they make a school
     team BUT we highly stress the importance of playing travel to keep one's skills to continue 
     playing at the expected level of play.  The majority of school players at all levels play travel or 
     tournament softball.

7.  My daughter's coach has contacted me and asked me to stay at intramural to keep
     the team together.
The truth is, intramural coaches are not supposed to contact players to sway their choice
     between travel and intramural AND LMYA does not encourage intramural coaches to have
     off season contact with their past players either. Just as parents say LMYA does not own a 
     player, the coaches do not own those players either.  Since intramural is a teaching division,
     winning is not supposed to be stressed.  Keeping players from progressing through the divisions
     (pixie to intramural to travel) for the sake of retaining good players and winning games is
     against LMYA softball policy.  Remember, LMYA's philosophy is that each athlete is participating
     in the highest level of play according to their ability.  A coach convincing or persuading a player 
     to remain at intramural for the sake of winning games would be considered acting unethically
     and those actions would result in their being asked not to coach.

Some additional facts about travel:
-All divisions of travel engage in tournaments in addition to the Lehigh Valley League season 
 (numbers vary by age group)
-All travel teams have practices and games at the Wescosville Fields (lower or upper)
-All travel teams hold try outs and coaches are solely responsible for times and days as well as
  which players are chosen 
-Most of our older travel players also play on school teams
-Assistant coaches aren't chosen until after players have been selected for the team
-All players who are not selected for the team will revert to the appropriate intramural division
  based on their season age or be offered a refund
-All players trying out for an older age bracket who do not get offered a spot at that older age
  bracket have these options:  wait to see if their age appropriate travel team coach offers them 
  a spot on that team, request a refund, or play in intramural

What is the difference between Travel and Intramural?

1.  Level of Play - Due to the try-out nature, we are searching for girls willing to compete for a
    spot on the team.  These girls, who are asked to join our travel teams, have already
    demonstrated a higher level of skill, drive to learn, performance, and a higher intention of 
    commitment.  These are girls at the top of their age bracket based on skill and drive.
2.  Expectation of Commitment - Travel players join our teams knowing that we expect their
     complete commitment and dedication to the sport (softball is the primary season in spring.) 
    Along with the regular league season, tournaments are a mandatory attendance.  Tournaments 
    enable us to expose our players to even higher levels of competition.  Travel players look
    forward to their practices, games, and are 'gamers' by nature.

3.  Higher Level of Instruction - All travel coaches attend coaching clinics, have past experience
    with travel, and many years of coaching in general (if not coordinator experience.)  All coaches 
    are dedicated into making your daughter a better player. Our travel coaches provide an 
    advanced level of play and instruction to their players in skills many intramurals do not learn.       


I hope this clears up some confusion that is out there regarding the travel vs. intramural issue.  

Travel Try-Out Information

Travel Softball
  • Please refer to the tabs at the top of the page and read as much as you can on the travel program in general as well as team placement for travel teams 
  • Spots are offered to players based on the results of the try-outs
  • Try-outs have multiple evaluators from inside and outside of Lower Macungie Athletics 
  • All decisions are made SOLELY by the head coach and cannot be appealed for any reason
  • Evaluators are assessing players in defense and offense as well as coachability and focus using a number scale of 1-5 (1=excellent, 2=good, 3=average, 4=below average, 5=weak) 

Why are try-outs held?
  • Try-outs are held for travel softball because our program engages in the Lehigh Valley Girls Travel League and local, state and sometimes national tournament play (ASA, PONY and USSSA.)  In order to participate in tournament softball, we are seeking the best of the best otherwise we cannot compete at this level.  At the try-outs, we are seeking players who have a heightened knowledge of the game, a stronger playing ability and a desire to engage at a higher level.  

What is the procedure of the try-outs?
  • Parents are asked to arrive 30 minutes before the try-out is scheduled to begin ( to sign in, warm up and listen to head coach/coordinator discussion)
  • Multiple evaluators are used from inside and outside of Lower Macungie Athletics including high school, tournament and college players as well as current and past tournament/travel coaches.  Evaluators are never parents of current players (only exception being head coaches.)  
  • Players sign in at a designated location, are given a number and then are expected to warm up (when parents sign in they will receive a paper with information on it regarding the process and how they will be notified of whether their child is offered a spot and what happens next.)
  • Head coach/coordinator will call parents to the sign in location and go over the process and answer any questions 
  • Once parents are dismissed, try-outs will officially begin and players will be instructed to various locations for defense and offense drills.
  • Players will work at a station for a designated time and then move on while evaluators are recording observations.
  • At the end of the try-outs, the head coach/coordiantor will call all players together to wrap up the try-outs and briefly discuss to the players what will happen next.
  • Parents are welcome to stay to observe but cannot evaluate.  Parents are expected to remain at the side lines, not coach from the side lines and to refrain from speaking to evaluators during the try-out. 

Evaluation Scores and Team Selection
  • Head coach will add up all  individual scores at the stations (meaning players get a number for hitting, bunting, infield, flyballs, throwing, and speed which will be added for a total sum along with a space for notes on a player's coachability and focus.) 
  • The head coach has the ability to use the travel evaluation form to their discretion when selecting the team.  For example, a head coach can refer to specific positions the player plays (this is provided at sign up,) and can look at individual scores at specific stations or they could look at the total number scored out of all of the stations BUT most coaches are going to be looking at both of them. 
  • Parents must understand that receiving a high score does not necessarily mean the player is a fit for a team.  For example, a spot may be open but a catcher is needed.  In this instance, there may be a player who scores well but is not be a catcher whereas there is another player who scores good or average, is a catcher and may be chosen over the higher scoring player for the sake of having a second catcher.  The evaluation form is a guideline and tool to be used in selecting the team - the head coach has final say over who is offered a spot on the team and why.
  • All evaluation forms will be kept on file for one year by the overall coorinator.  Once team selections have been made, the head coach will hand over or email a copy of the evaluations to the coordinator for this reason.

Notification of Team Selection
  • The head coach will notify EVERY player trying out for travel via email OR phone of their offer for a spot on the team OR to make them aware that they are not being offered a spot on the team. 
  • Those offered a spot on the team may select to accept that spot or decline that spot.
  • Those who are not offered a spot on the team are automatically placed at their age appropriate instructional or intramural age division or may also elect to receive a refund BUT this request for a refund must be made before March 31st via the request for refund policy. 
  • Parents are welcome to and encouraged to ask for their child's scores and to inquire on why their child was not offered a spot but must understand that all decisions are final.  This sometimes helps for a player to determine what they need to work on to improve. 
  • Head coaches will email the coordinator with a listing of the final team roster by March 24th.  Once the final team roster has been handed in, the head coach may begin seeking out assistant coaches with players who have made the team.
  • Once your daughter has been placed onto either an intramural or travel team, their head coach will contact them further with specific information regarding their season.  Travel and some intramural teams begins almost immediately (except those who play for school) and instructional begins in April. 
Travel Try-Out Dates as follows:  All try out dates, times, and locations are supplied to players who register for LMYA softball AND is posted at the section of the softball webpage called NEWS

Team Placement

This page contains information on how your child is placed onto a specific team.  There are specific rules regarding:  drafts, try-outs, and moving up to new divisions which are followed by Lower Macungie.   Please understand that there are some exceptions to these rules but most are followed 95% of the time.  Exceptions include:  Team viability, Sibling Requests, and playing up one level at travel.  These rules are specified on the intramural and travel pages.  As always, with any questions, please contact the softball coordinator, Adam Schwab.


Prep (formerly Pixies)
     *All players, will be randomly assigned to a prep team. 
     *The only exceptions:  sibling rule, all coaches may choose up to 3 assistants and their
       children will be placed on the team of that head coach.
     *There is no playing up at the intramural age level - only for team viability reasons
      and that must be determined/approved by the coordinator.

U12, U14 (formerly As) and U18 (formerly Juniors) Skills Day *Intramural and Travel*

     *All players, whether signed up for intramural or travel, may partake in one day of skills demonstration 
       totaling a maximum of 2 hours.  Please read below for the purpose of skills days.  

     *Skills Day will occur in early March for spring and early August for fallbefore travel try-outs (location,
      date and time to be provided online and 
via email)

     *Intramural team placement - Age division returning players will remain on the same team together as 
       long as coach returns.  New players and those who miss skills day & are moving up will be placed
       into draft.  

Intramural Team Selection Process 

     *Skills Day 
Firstly, all players may engage in a 1 day skills event where they will participate in hitting and
             fielding drills.

        2.  The purpose of having a skills day is two-fold. 
             One:  players are evaluated on a number skill from 1 - 4 

             (1 - few to no skill or knowledge of softball, 2 - some skill and knowledge of softball, 3 - good skill
              and knowledge 
of softball and 4 - excellent or above average skill and knowledge of softball) 
             Two:  This evaluation allows 
the program to invite players to travel try-outs based on ability AND
             to retain these evaluations to use during 
the draft & team development process for intramural
      *Draft Policy 
All spring and fall head intramural coaches will use a draft to organize their teams at the all levels.  
        2.  This process will begin after returning players have been assigned to previous teams, after
             exceptions have been 
worked through and agreed upon, and after skills days and try outs have

        3.  Exception to draft process:  if there is only one team at any level - coordinator will place players
            on team OR if there are not at least 20 players as part of the draft - coaches will draw teams
            based on names.

        4.  The skills days evaluation must be used at a meeting with the coaches and coordinator
        5.  New Head Coaches are allowed to choose 2 Assistant Coaches (daughters follow)
        6.  Returning Head Coaches retain the previous spring's players (aside from exceptions listed above)
     *Draft Process
       1.  All Head Coaches pick players from two areas:  player list or hat (anonymous)
       2.  The teams with less girls are allowed to choose first until the teams are matched (number of
            girls) and then everyone 
gets an equal turn

Travel Team Selection Process 

August Try-outs
  • Head coaches make the final decisions regarding placement of a player on their team
           and decisions cannot be appealed
  • All travel teams involve try-outs during the month of August designated by the Travel
           Coordinator and Overall Coordinator.
  • If you are not offered a spot on the team, you can choose the following:  you can elect
           to receive a refund from LMYA softball, you can elect to participate in the intramural
           you will wait for your age appropriate travel coach to contact you regarding whether
           you made his/her team since you may still be offered a spot on that team.  If you are
           not offered a spot on your age appropriate team, then same options apply as above
           (refund or intramural)
  • Per LMYA policy, overall team registration may contain up to 25% of players from
           out of district (or more in times of team viability)
  • Players may try out for a team one year above their own age bracket
  • Per softball policy, no players will be accepted on an LMYA travel team who also
           play on a tournmant team (reason for this policy: our travel teams engage in
           tournaments and we expect all of our roster to participate in them)   
           EXCEPTION: U10s (due to limited number of tournaments available to U10)   
  • Interested players should register on the website being sure to click on the
           travel option
  • Please see the Travel Page link for more information on travel
Softball Upcoming Events
Sat 11/17 10:00am
14U Masiado Practice (Turnpike)
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18U Archer Practice (Pavilion)
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10U Blatz Practice (Pavilion)
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Pixie - Deely Practice (East Texas)
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14U Masiado Practice (Turnpike)
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