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Background Check Requirements

LMYA now follows the guidelines and requirements for Background Checks as specified in PA Act 15, Section 7 and Title 23, Section 6344.2 and 6344.3 .  The sections of the law provides that every adult volunteer working in direct contact with minors under the age of 18 must provide 3 background certifications.  They are:

  • PA State Police Background certification
  • PA Child Welfare Background certification
  • FBI Fingerprint Background check and certification OR Notarized Affidavit of Continuous residency in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
These are requirements of the State of Pennsylvania and as a state documentented Volunteer run and managed, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, The Lower Macungie Youth Associations is bound to follow these laws and Acts.

Further, the Lower Macungie Youth Association follows guidelines established by the East Penn School disctrict for volunteers and requires that all new volunteer applications and certifications be no older than one year prior to application.
  1. All coaches and volunteers must be members of LMYA.
    1. If you are not a member click here to become a member.
    2. If you are/were a member, and your email address has not changed, click here to reset your password
    3. If you are/were a member, and your email address has changed, click here
  2. All Coaches must complete the background check BEFORE being placed on a team as coach
  3. LMYA will not accept background checks from another organization.*
  4. The following documents must be uploaded in order for the background check to be considered and approved:
  1. All documents must be uploading using the procedure described in the article below.  DO NOT email or give your confidential certification documents to anyone including sport coordinators.
  2. All uploaded documents MUST reside under the member profile of the person coaching and not under Spouse or any other profile.  If this happens, those documents will be removed.
  3. A background check with LMYA will expire 5 years after the oldest certification unless renewed before that time.
Click Here for Step by Step instructions for each Background check.

NOTE: All new background check certifications MUST have a certification or request date no older than one year prior to application or re-application for volunteering with LMYA.  Background check certifications with certification or request dates older than one year prior to LMYA application or re-application will be considered invalid and will be removed if uploaded for a new Background Check Request for NEW VOLUNTEERS.

*Certifications from other organizations may be considered for use as long as those certifications fit the requirement specified above.

Please contact Don Hughes if you have any questions regarding the requirements or documents neccessary.

Background Check - Document upload procedure

NOTE:  This process is to be followed by the member seeking approval to volunteer or coach.  Please do not upload documents onto your profile for your spouse or significant other.  If you do not have a member profile or cannot remember your log in, please refer to the FAQ page to either create a new member profile or to recover/reset your login credentials.

  1. Log in.
  2. Click “Background Check” from the top menu options (https://www.lmya.org/back/bgstart.cfm)
  3. Click the “Click Here to Begin Background Screening” button.
  4. Read and agree to all of the pages (3)
  5. On the last page click “Click here to upload your certification documents”.
  6. Click the “Click Here to begin uploading your certification documents” button.
  7. NOTE:
    1. Please separate each clearance into a single document.
    2. Please DO NOT upload one document that covers all three clearances.
    3. There should be one document for each clearance (PA State Police, PA Child Welfare, FBI.
  8. Please upload each document into the correct identified location.
Uploaded documents will be reviewed Monday - Friday and sometimes on Saturday.

An email will be sent to the individual relative to the documents to communicate status on these days.

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