If you have a PTD email address, and are not receiving email from LMYA, please contact PTD and let them know that LMYA is an approved sender.

Check your messages at http://msgs.lmya.org
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Spring 2018 Registration Open

Find more information about Spring registration and register online:

Learn more about LMYA Spring 2018 programs:

Flag Football
Boys Lacrosse
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Questions about Spring 2018 Registration?
Contact the LMYA Registrar at registrar@lmya.org

LMYA is always looking for volunteers
If you are interested, or want to help in any way - coaching, administration, field prep, etc.
Please contact Lindsay Taylor.

Not Receiving Emails from LMYA? Please read.

In an effort to avoid LMYA being tagged as a SPAM email sender, the LMYA email lists have been updated to reflect the following:
This update ONLY affects members that have not logged into the website in the last 18 months AND have neither had a background check or are showing an expired Background check. 
  • Members that have logged into the website within the last 18 months that have no background check are NOT affected.
  • Members that have logged into the website within the last 18 months (regardless of background check) are NOT affected.
What was done:
  • Members email address have been removed from the database.
  • Members have been marked as inactive.
Why was this done?
  • LMYA sends many emails per day per month. 
  • SPAM complaints are increasing every month.
  • Too many people are not receiving email.  They are not receiving because too many people are tagging LMYA as a SPAMMER.
  • In order to avoid being tagged as a SPAM sender, I have trimmed the email rolls so that LMYA is contacting ONLY those people that want to be contacted.  Doing otherwise is the very definition of SPAMMING.
IF there are current team members with parents that fall into the category above, those parents must “rejoin” LMYA by using the “Become A Member” button located on the home page.  For this case, team members ARE NOT affected, only their parents or guardians.  This means that IF a parent’s email was removed BECAUSE they had not logged in within the last 18 months, that parent will not be able to receive email from a coach via the website until said parent “rejoins” LMYA.

I've provided the link to "rejoin" LMYA here: https://www.lmya.org/site/security/new_member.cfm.

Please contact Donald Hughes at webmaster@lmya.org if you have any questions regarding this update.

Check Your Messages Online!

Did you know that you can check your LMYA messages online?  It's relatively simple and can be done usinig your computer, tablet, phone, or other mobile device.

Simply go to msgs.lmya.org.

If you are logged in, you'll be taken directly to the messages page.  If you aren't logged in, you'll be taken to the log in page, and then redirected back to the messages page.

You can save this address as shortcut on your computer, tablet, phone or other mobile device for simplicity.

Try it out!