LMYA Intramural Soccer

LMYA seeking IM Soccer Coordinator

LMYA is seeking an IM Soccer Coordinator to oversee the program.  Responsibilities include:

         Work with and coordinate the efforts of an established and committed team of volunteers and the
         Director of Coaching.


         Coordinate and oversee efficient operation of Soccer Committee.


         Recruit and assign coaches and volunteers to meet the needs of the Intramural Soccer program.

         Work with Director of Coaching to develop and implement coaches training program.

         Organize the purchase, issuance, maintenance and storage of uniforms, seasonal equipment and
         capital equipment.

         Direct volunteers to schedule field usage.

         Establish and manage annual budget and fund raising efforts.

         Assist in player recruitment, registration process, and public relations with appropriate leagues, other
         local soccer programs and soccer-related organizations.

         Ensure information on IM Soccer website is up to date.  

         Attend monthly Board of Directors meetings as a voting member of the Board.

         Estimated time commitment is 30 - 40 hours per month prior to the spring and fall seasons and 25 - 35
         per month during the seasons.


Those interested are asked to contact Lindsay L. Taylor, Executive Director, at lindsay_taylor@lmya.org.