LMYA Intramural Soccer

Provisional Registration is still OPEN For Intramural Spring Soccer

  Cost is $95 per Player  To register www.lmya.org/register

Please Note that Several Age Groups are almost Full! Do Not Wait To Register. 


Provisional Registration will accept players for any age group that still has openings.  Until March 15th.       
1.   Academy Soccer Development Teaching for ages U5-U19 under the instruction of our current Director of Coaching  John O’Rourke.  


  1. LMS is looking for Volunteer Coaches.  No experience is necessary.  If interested please sign up during the registration process by selecting Volunteer coach or by replying to this email. Our DOC will be offering free coaches training: 3/7 from 11-12pm @ Gametime Field House for U7/8 Coaches.  3/29/15 at the LMT Community Center Gym.  This is open to new and existing coaches.  U5/U6 6-7:15PM. U7/U8 7:30-9PM.   To enroll or ask questions please email John directly at  johorourke@gmail.com.

  1. Season Details U5-U12 play on Sundays in Spring.  U14-19 play on Saturdays in Spring.  
    U5 Will Practice & Play Games on 4/12, 19, 26, 5/3, 17, 24, 6/7 & 14 from 12:30am-1:30pm @ Creamery Park 
    U6 Will Practice & Play Games on 
    4/12, 19, 26, 5/3, 17, 24, 6/7 & 14 from 2:00pm-3:00pm @ Creamery Park
    U7/U8 Will Practice 1-2 nights per week.  TBD by the coaches.  Games will be played on 4/12, 19, 26, 5/3, 17, 24, 6/7 & 14.  W/ start times between 12:00pm-4:30pm.  Game locations will vary.
    U10/12 NVYSL teams Will Practice 1-2 nights per week.  TBD by the coaches.  Games will begin on 4/12.  Lower Mac does not create these schedules.  When available they will be posted on the NVYSL website.
    U14-19 NVYSL teams Will Practice 1-2 nights per week.  TBD by the coaches.  Games will begin on 4/11.  Lower Mac does not create these schedules.  When available they will be posted on the NVYSL website.


  1. Practices U5 & 6 practice before their scheduled game and have no weeknight commitment.  U7 & 8  will practice 1-2 weeknights per week. Nights and times are determined by the coaching staff usually about two weeks before season start.  

  1. Schedules Will be posted when they become available under the Schedules Link Normally 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the season.  

  1. Uniforms Players will receive an adidas MLS Jersey, Short and Sock Kit.  These jerseys are not true to size and many players find they run quite small.  We are unable to exchange or switch sizes for uniforms that do not fit properly.  Which is why we highly suggested trying them on at one of the several sessions that LMS offered.  Size requests must be submitted prior to 2/6.  Those players that did not attend, will receive the standard for their age group.  U5 CoEd YS or YM.  U6 CoEd YM. U7 CoEd YM or YL.  U8 Girls YL.  U8 Boys YL or YXL.  U10 Girls YL or YXL.  U10 Boys YXL or AS.  U12 Boys YXL or AS.  U12 Girls YXL or AS.  U14 Boys and Girls AS or AM.  U16/19 Girls AS, AM, or AL.  U16/19 Boys AM, AL or AXL.       

  1. Uniform Sponsors  In particular, we are currently looking for sponsors for our Intramural players.  Intramural Sponsors will have their logos printed in one color (Navy or White) on the back of an individual teams' MLS adidas jersey for 1 season.  At the end of the season, players keep their jerseys and receive a new one at the start of the next season.   All Sponsors will also have their logos listed on the Lower Mac Athletics Website under our Sponsors for the same amount of time our players wear their jerseys.   Please email soccer@lmya.org if interested.

  2. Team Assignments Due to the size of the program and lack of volunteers, this season we will not begin creating rosters until the coaching staff is secured.   Once a coach has committed, players of that age group will be added in the order they registered and paid, until the roster is full.  Additional teams will only be created as coaches volunteer.   Throughout the registration period you will be able to check the status of your players registration by logging into you LMYA profile and selecting My Family, and view my players team.   

  • If you have paid your player will show “active”.

  • If you have registered but not yet paid they will show “not active”.

  • If your player has been placed on a team you will see the option to select their “roster”

  • If your player is still waiting for a coach in order to be placed you will see “not assigned”.

  • We will continue to look for volunteer coaches until approximately 2 weeks after the close of registration.  If you are still showing as “not assigned” we do not have a coach for your player and you will receive a refund. Please remember our coordinators do not work on creating teams daily, and your player’s status may not update immediately.  

  1. Financial Aid in order to keep offering Financial Aid to players in need we have adapted LMS program guidelines.  Beginning Spring 2015, families of players receiving aid must volunteer within the soccer program a minimum of 10 hrs each season in addition to meeting the income and residency guidelines set forth by LMYA.  Volunteer hours can be completed numerous ways  and do not require any previous soccer experience.  To apply please use the above link.  And contact soccer@lmya.org to sign up for a volunteer assignment.    

  2. Additional Volunteers LMS is always in need of volunteers for field set up, field lining, uniforms, concessions, and special events.  Please consider volunteering a few hours to our programs by using the volunteers link above or on the Intramural soccer pages of the LMYA website to review our need and sign up.    

  3. Team Requests from coaches or parents should be sent directly to the Age 
    Appropriate Coordinators. 
       Our volunteer coordinators will do their best to accommodate as many requests as possible.  Please remember that players are placed on a roster as they register and pay so there are no guarantees.


  4. Playing Up Players wishing to play up to an older age group must send a requests to their Age Appropriate Coordinators. New requests must be sent every season.  All requests should be made immediately following registering your player online for their current "of age" group using the LMYA system.   At no time can members select themselves a different age group than what their players DOB automatically places them at .  All must be manually moved by a coordinator.  Requests to play up are processed ONLY following the placement of all other age appropriate players and as roster space permits.

Thanks for your support and interest in Lower Mac Soccer,


Winter Intramural Soccer @ GameTime Field House