LMYA Boys Lacrosse

2018 Lacrosse Information

Hello Lower Mac Boys Lacrosse Families! 
The 2018 boy’s lacrosse season is closer than many realize. To help everyone plan accordingly here are some important things to think about.

The LMYA Boys Lacrosse program is a charter member and participant in the Lehigh Valley Youth Lacrosse League (LVYLL). The LVYLL is currently going through rules revision and team selection adjustments. Once their website has been fully rennovated a new announcement will be placed on our website so that everyone can bee fully informed. The LVYLL is dedicated to strengthening the sport of lacrosse in the Lehigh Valley and providing a safe and fun environment for all of its participants and parents. 
The 2018 season has some new configurations from the 2017 season. The first is that teams are no longer set by age, but by grade level. 
K-2 – This age group is non-competitive and learning- focused. The team practices 1 days a week. The practice day is set by the K-2 Coordinator in conjunction with field availibity. There will be travel to other youth organization parks to play games with other programs in the LVYLL.  The season wraps up the first weekend in June with a round robin play-day. Full gear is required and is not provided by LMYA, see the participation tab for details.  

3rd/4th, 5th/6th & 7th/8th – These age groups offer 2 divisions of play in the LVYLL.  Both divisions travel to play other programs throughout the league. The team practices 1-2 days a week. The practice days are set by the Level Coordinator in conjunction with field availibity. Full gear is required and is not provided by LMYA, see the participation tab for details. 
  • The A division is competitive.   The season wraps up with playoffs and a championship game the first weekend in June. Player assessments will be held throughout the February indoor sessions.
  • The B division is recreational.  The season wraps up the first weekend in June with a round robin play-day.
Determination for which division players and teams are aligned will be determined after registration closes. 

3rd/4th, 5th/6th & 7th/8th 
Indoor practice time for these teams will begin in March. Location and times will be determined at the conclusion of registration. 

K-2, 3/4, 5/6, & 7/8: Outdoor practices for ALL ages will start at the end of March, weather permitting.  Days and times are TBD by individual coaches.  Practices will be at Quarry Road Park.

2018 Season Schedule
The 2018 schedule will be released in March. All teams, regardless of age will play a minimum of seven games prior to the end of the year tournament. 

2018 Early Registration Rates is now open.

Early registration opens December 1st and runs until January 11th.  
Provisional registration runs from January 11th through January 31st
Our program is only as strong as our VOLUNTEERS! We have lots of opportunities for you to use your skills and talents.  Help support the program, any amount of time you can give is helpful. 
Volunteers are needed throughout the year to plan, administrate and execute the program.  If you have not contacted us yet and would like to help in any capacity, please contact Joshua Miller at lacrosse@lmya.org or 610-295-3843.
COACHES - If you are interested in coaching in any capacity please click on the link for background check and complete the necessary clearances before the season starts. https://www.lmya.org/back/bgstart.cfm  If you would like coaching support, we can schedule a coach’s meetings/clinic prior to the season in addition to offering fully paid tuition at the US Lacrosse level one coach’s certification course (one day course). If you are interested, let us know lacrosse@lmya.org.

We are very excited with the promise of the new season and for another fun year!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
LMYA Boys Lacrosse Coordinator - Joshua Miller