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Coach Frank Martin on youth sport Volunteers

University of South Carolina Basketball Coach, Frank Martin, was asked about youth sports volunteers, here is his response (at below link)

Coach Frank Martin on youth sport Volunteers

Spring Flag Football Refs Needed

   Lower Macungie Youth Association (LMYA) - Flag Football program with over 450 players and 46 teams (last fall) in partnership with South Parkland Youth and AFC (Athletes for the Cross) is in need of a few flag football refs.
   Ages 16 and over (adults or teens) - will be given the rules in advance and then need to pass a test (80%) of the basic rules to qualify.
   If under 18, they could also sign up to play in the U17 division and ref the lower levels. We will arrange the schedule if they want to do both. Games are less than an hour long each and up to 5 games on a Saturday morning into early afternoon.
   We pay $15 dollars a game per ref (when paired with a 2nd ref in a game), or if you are showing you are able to ref a game solo, we will pay $25 per game if you are the lone ref in that game.
   There are only basic rules to learn and at least 3 of 6 league officials (including myself) are always at the field for questions you may have during the day or be available for anything out of the ordinary. Perfect chance for extra cash for anyone interested.
   Contact me with interest at football@LMYA.org, Season starts in April and ends in mid-June

2018 Spring Flag Football

U6, U8, U10, U12, U14 and U17 division 
Practices starting mid to late March with games starting weekend of April 6th/7th
Season goes through the 2nd week of June

Games will be played on Saturdays, with a limited Friday Night schedule. 
Head Coaches will determine day of practice during the week.
NFL Flag Rules
NFL Flag Rules Addendum




LMYA Flag Football Sportswear

LMYA Flag Football Spirit Wear Store 

LMYA Flag Football Sportswear available
There is a selection of T-Shirts (short and long sleeve), Hoodies, Sports Pants, Shorts, Jackets, Cinch bags Hats, accessories, etc. There are choices for kids,men and women. All sizes, different color option on most  The orders will be fulfilled by The Spirit Store in Allentown. The Spirit Store will also be supporting the upcoming Basketball program and have been promoting the LaCrosse program currently.
Part of the proceeds will go back to the LMYA Flag Football program!

We are excited to be offering this and look forward to seeing many in the new LMYA Flag Football Sportswear in 2018 and beyond
A couple notes - there is no shipping charges during the season as Sportswear will be picked up by LMYA Coordinators and hand delivered at games.  All orders will be processed within 2 weeks of orders. 

FALL Season 2017


Once again we are partners with South Parkland (SPYA) and AFC (Athletes for the Cross)

League contact info - Football@lmya.org

Congratulations to the following teams for winning their levels in Fall 2017:
  • U6 - LMYA Giants - Head Coach Herb Kinney
  • U8 - AFC White
  • U10 - LMYA Bears - Head Coach John Schaadt
  • U13 - LMYA Eagles - Head Coach Claude Pease
  • U17 - AFC White